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'Make for me a sanctuary and I will dwell among them' Exodus 25,8

After over 10 years of activities from rental spaces, see our photo gallery, the Chabad Jewish Center has been presented with the opportunity to purchase the first floor of Via Curti 1 and secure a bright future for Ticino Jewry. The new center will have a large kitchen and social hall, library conference room and prayer space, youth room and spacious terraces.

The new venue is located adjacent to the Synagogue and they share a 5 meter boundary hence creating a Jewish campus, comprising of the Chabad Jewish community center and the Lugano Synagogue side by side.

The very generous Rohr family has provided an initial contribution and now we are working on the project brick by brick.

Many of us have benefited throughout our lives from Jewish institutions which were donated by noble men and women who understood the importance of Charity.

Their legacy became eternal, and is intertwined with our lives and the lives of the thousands who passed and pass through the doors of their institutions.

Now it is our time to return the gesture!

Please join this special campaign and contribute your part.