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Floor Plan


Room Description

Industrial Size Kitchen

An integral part of the New Jewish Community center will be the large kitchen properly equipped to feed the hundreds of meals for Shabbat dinners, holiday meals, Bar and Bat Mitzvas, and the many visitors in the summer season including the students.

Entrance Lounge

The large expansive hallway in the main part of the center lends itself to an excellent lounge area on the western side of the building. The lounge and coffee bar are an integral part of an Jewish community center, where bonding and schmoozing take place.

Social Hall & Prayer Space

The large social hall running along the southern side of the building and bathed in sunlight will host the spacious dining hall, library and conference room, and the prayer space.

Library & Conference Room

Much of the activities in Chabad revolve around studying and discovering through lectures and classes. The library and conference hall are of utmost importance and will be well used by students, laymen, scholars alike.

Outdoor Terrace

There is a beautiful outdoor terrace which which overlooks the palm garden. This terrace provides a peaceful place for reflection or relaxation. The Kosher grill is located on the porch which will G‑d willing serve thousands of meals in the busy spring and summer months. will take place there as well.

Kids Room - Youth Zone

The youth room is a vital part of a Jewish community center for the young and young at heart. There are two sections to the room one part caters to younger children with a whole slew of games and toys including a toy kitchen and tool station.

Office Space

The office is very important and serves as the control center for the many activities taking place throughout the year for Ticino Jewry. It is also a safe environment for a light or serious talk with the Rabbi or Rebitzin.

Guest Suite

The new center will G‑d willing have a guest suite which will host visiting lecturers, day camp counselors, the seasonal cook or simply someone from the larger community who needs a place to spend Shabbat.

Washing Station

The new center will G‑d willing have sinks for ritual washing (netilat yadayim) located in close proximity to the social hall. This is of great importance for Shabbat and holiday meals.

Kosher Corner

Kosher corner is a mini kosher shop where locals and tourists can buy basic kosher supplies such as meat and wine, and holiday supplies before each holiday including pre Pesach shopping.